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A colourful lady, larger than life and an indomitable spirit’

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 By Crediton Courier Newspaper in Local People

NOT for a long time can there have been so many people at a service in Bow Parish Church as there were for Hazel Pickard.

Hazel died on June 15, her funeral service was held on June 28, a day after she would have been 79.

St Bartholomew’s Church was full, plus people standing wherever they could, a few more outside on a windy, damp day. The choir which Hazel had set up with Susan Gales many years ago was augmented by former members, sang a special piece.


Hazel had moved to Bow to live on a farm, she met William Pickard and they were married at the church in October 1960, living nearly all that time at the farm next door.

She had been part of a large family with five brothers and a sister and she and William had five children and seven grandchildren. Mr Geering said Hazel had become known to almost everyone as Auntie Hazel, her husband as Uncle William.

Their home at Nymet Barton was always full of people, as well as the family and friends there would be foreign students from all over the world - the United Nations in one kitchen.

The farm dogs were also family pets, orphan lambs would go indoors beside the Rayburn, chicks would be looked after in a shoe box under a feather duster, and Hazel loved horses. She had learned to ride as a child.

She had been a member of Bow Young Farmers’ Club and the Playgroup and Mother and Toddler Group. Withy Bow Twinning Association she enjoyed many trips to St Martin de Bienfaite, Bow’s twin in France.

She was a Trustee of Bow Community Centre, had been a bell ringer for 52 years, retiring in 2011 when a surprise peal was rung for her. Judges for bellringing competitions would use their house, and there were the ringers’ outings.

She was a member of the Parochial Church Council, the Cadbury Deanery Synod, an ardent member of the Prayer Book Society, and had been known far and wide for her work with the Mothers’ Union.

Mrs Seager-Berry, past Exeter Diocesan MU president, said Hazel was Enrolling Member and for many years Branch Leader of Bow Mothers’ Union as well as Deanery chairman for a time.


Marigold spoke of Hazel’s hugely generous hospsitality, always food and fellowship, love and hugs in abundance. “A dear, unique and wonderful soul,” she said.

Hazel also worked with Bow church choir and was a Sunday School teacher, organising many Sunday School outings and treats for the young choristers and the annual Diocesan holidays.


She was loving, accepting and nurturing. Mr Geering said everything was done with an immense amount of love and fierce single-minded purpose - you could not ignore Hazel Pickard.

He added that St Francis and the Franciscan ideal resonated with her. His love of animals and all Creation, his sense of fun, his dedication to God, his rootedness in an ordinary and all-encompassing faith.

Hazel went along with all that and at a breathless pace. Mr Geering said: “We remember a colourful lady, larger than life and an indomitable spirit. ”


Hazel’s coffin was carried by her sons and grandsons, a muffled peal rung as her coffin was carried across the road to be buried.

Donations in lieu of flowers were for Cancer Research and the Friends of Okehampton Hospital.

Sue Read

Extract and photo credit above : Crediton courrier news paper : Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hezel on visit organized by the Committees of twinnings.
St Martin-de-Bienfaite, in May, 2006.
Photo YB

To Dear William,

We will remember about Hezel her fancy and love for the music.

We enjoyed travelling on Devon’s country roads.

However, in a car driven by Hezel singing at the top of her voice, it was unforgettable.

From Liliane & Yves